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We are delighted  to be an authorized Asko repair company. ASKO products have been marketed throughout North America by ASKO Appliances, Inc. for over 23 years. As an Energy Star® Partner, ASKO is a leader who consistently exceeds Energy Star® standards. ASKO  develops innovative dishwashers, washing machines and dryers that save water and energy while providing superior performance and revolutionary design.  ASKO appliances are designed and  manufactured in Sweden.  With this innovation comes  technical challenges for the appliance repair technician. 

Metro Phoenix ASKO Dishwasher Repair

ASKO manufactures a complete line of primer dishwashers that are both excellent at cleaning dishes, as well as some of the most  water and energy efficient built-in dishwashers in the world.  Some unique features that set the ASKO dishwasher apart form most of the competing companies  include:

 AquaDetect™ sensor - A unique sensor system that detects whether the machine’s inlet valve is leaking. The system then repeatedly tries to close the valve electronically, and if this fails the automatic drain pump starts up and the water is pumped out. The sensors also detect if the quantity of water is rising above the safety level. They then close off the water and empty the dishwasher to the right level before the program continues. Even the most unexpected things can happen, for example, the sensors and valves could stop working. Because the drain pump can drain five times more water than the inlet valve will let enter the dishwasher.

Asko Dishwasher

AquaSafe™ To assure ourselves that you won’t experience floods in the kitchen, Asko developed AquaSafe™, an advanced water safety program that partly consists of sensors that detect even the slightest leak. The system comprises 16 different points, all of which help ensure a leak-safe dishwasher for many years of problem-free operation.  

SensiDry™ ASKO’s patent-pending drying sensor measures the moisture both inside and outside the machine. Meanwhile, it also senses the amount and load in the machine and adjusts the drying time accordingly. Consequently, your entire load is completely dry in the shortest possible time, no matter the climate where you live.

For a dishwasher to be this water and energy efficient requires a very complicated technology.  Multiple sensors feeding information to an on-board computerized control board that acts as the nerve center of the dishwasher.  When choosing someone the repair your modern dishwasher make sure the have the proper training and are backed-up with the ability to consult the manufacturer for technical assistance. 

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ASKO Appliances offer high quality, environmentally friendly washers, dryers and dishwashers with Scandinavian design.

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