Do You Need Factory Certified Service?

Do You Need Factory Certified Service?

You Bet you do!  It’s the most important factor in deciding who should work on your appliances.  You're probably asking why.  

Today’s modern appliances are a marvel.  Compared to a decade ago, they are designed to save both energy and water.   A new high tech refrigerator will often consume less than half the electricity than a 7 or 8 year old unit would.  They typically can have multiple compartments to keep you food at different temperature:  meats 29°F, drinks 33°F, snacks and deli items 37°F, and party dishes at 42°F.  Each compartment can keep the humidity just right to keep fresh food fresher.

A newer high-end front-load washer will use less than 20% of the water of a traditional top loader and, when used and maintained correctly, they will get you're clothes cleaner. Some front loaders will spin higher than 1200 RPM significantly reducing your dryers run time and energy use.

The energy and water usage alone can save the consumer the cost of the machines in a surprisingly short time. How do the manufacturers achieve this wonder?  Advances in engineering, using technology only imagined a few years ago. Things like multiple evaporators, multiple DC fans, variable speed compressors and multiple compressors in refrigerators have made these things possible.  High efficiency direct drive motors, intelligent electronics, multiple control boards, dozens of sensors and precise digital controls is how these products are designed.

All these technical innovations have greatly benefited the consumer with substantial cost savings and new features. The manufacturers have introduced these benefits to the general public while keeping appliances relatively easy and convenient to use—all while saving you, the consumer, money!!   

All this innovation makes the new modern appliance complex to repair.  Technicians working on these appliances need very special training.  The new high efficiency machines are complex requiring analyzing symptoms, probing with high-end meters, interrupting error codes and diagnostic messages. 

All of Authorized Appliance Repair Company’s employees go through factory-sanctioned training.  Even our office staff has instruction on appliance repair.  The appliance industry is constantly evolving, adding new ever-changing features.  Our team is constantly getting new and up to date instruction in order to stay current on the latest engineering occurring at the factory. 

Even the best technician though can have difficulties and challenges.  Our team has the full support of the companies that design the appliances.  We can call the authorized technical support lines and get help directly from the factory to ensure that your appliance gets repaired as quickly as possible. 

Remember, the choice is yours.  We look forward to working with you, but if you choose to go with another company—keep in mind how important it is to have the manufacturer of your specific brand recommending our services and keeping us aware of any technical changes or design updates.  

Factory Authorized | Factory Training

  All of authorized Appliance Repair Company’s staff undergo  manufactures  training. Even our office staff has education on appliance repair. The appliance business is continually evolving, adding new dynamic options. All of our team perpetually obtaining instruction to remain current on the most recent that is occurring at the manufacture.

Outlined below is some of the  typical training that all  technicians receive prior to being put into the field.

Appliance Parts




Authorized Appliance Repair Company in Phoenix, AZ is a factory authorized and trained service provider and features an extensive line of major appliance parts  Many Appliance manufactures will only provide parts to authorized service centers.  Our company certified and factory authorized service Centers for most major appliance companies. 

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