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Many appliance repair technicians would tell you that a clothes dryer is just a clothes dryer.  That there is not a lot of difference between them.  If you are speaking of traditional laundry dryer that is somewhat true.  But when you take a look at the modern dryer as the LG dryer line from LG appliances, they are quite different.   All the LG dryers should be considered high tech appliances.  This high tech approach allows LG dryers to offer high performance and high energy-efficiency.    They are also packed with a number of features depending on the model that most consumers will truly appreciate.  With this technology, LG dryer repair requires special training.  That's why it is important, however; you choose to repair your LG appliance has factory training.  They also need to work for an LG authorized service center.  The LG authorized service center has access to LG appliances technical support for questions and help.  You may also find that some companies will claim they can fix an LG appliance, but if they are not an LG appliance service center they may not be able to get parts.  LG parts are only sold to LG authorized appliance service centers.

Quailty Repair for your LG Dryer

 Some of the unique features of the LG dryer line include:

SENSOR DRY SYSTEM - Sensor Dry system measures the humidity and moisture  levels  and automatically adjusts the drying time, to ensure you get dry laundry every time. Again this is not your dryer thermostat, these are computer sensors that communicate to the dryers intelligent electronics about moisture levels.  This allows the LG dryers to be much more accurate when to turning the LG dryer off, saving energy.  This trouble shooting and repairing high tech appliance like the LG dryer line requires special training.


LG REDUCESTATIC™ OPTION - The ReduceStatic™ Option virtually eliminates static cling. The LG Steam Dryer with its ReduceStatic™ technology that uses steam to  reduce the amount of static cling in each load. This has to be the correct amount of steam to work, too much steam and the clothes dryer won’t dry properly.

LG TrueSteam™ -   Some clothes dryers claim to have steam functions built in to them when they only spray water into the dryer.  LG steam dryers produce real steam in a separate computer controlled steam module and sprays real steam into the dryer.  Diagnostics on the steam part of the dryer should only be done by an appliance repair technician that has a working knowledge of this LG steam dryer.

SteamSanitary™ CYCLE - Since LG Dryers us the TrueSteam™  some models offer the SteamSanitary™ cycle. The SteamSanitary™ Cycle allows you to uses steam that safely sanitize items marked as non-washable.

Don’t let all the high tech features scare you, no clothes dryer brand is more reliable according to a leading consumer magazine*. With advanced features and well thought-out designs, you'll reshape the way you dry your clothes

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