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 Samsung has become a household name though out the US.  We all know of them for Phones TV’s computer and electronic  equipment.  Over the last several years, become known for producing extraordinary  household appliances.   Samsung refrigerators use some very remarkable  technology.  This can create a real challenge for the refrigerator repair service provider.  Authorized Appliance Repair Company is a Samsung Priemer Service Center, with Factory trained technicians and Samsung field support available.


Some models offer a Counter-Height FlexZone™ Drawer that creates  four customizable temperature settings: meats 29°F, cold drinks 33°F, deli/snacks 37°, and party dishes at 42°F.   They can have High-efficiency LED lighting That lights up the interior so you’re able to spot quickly what you want.  

Most of the Samsung Refrigerator models  have The Twin Cooling Plus™ feature maintains both high levels of refrigerator humidity to keep perishable fruits and vegetables fresher longer, and dry freezer conditions mean less freezer burn for better tasting frozen foods. 

The Twin Cooling Plus™ uses a single compressor and two evaporators, one in the freezer section and the other in the refrigerator section.  This keeps the air from crossing between  the freezer and refrigerator compartments.   Keeping airflow and odors  separate will stop your ice cream in the freezer from smelling like the leftover fish in your refrigerator.   Another major benefit provided by dual evaporators in Samsungs Twin Cooling Plus™ System is better humidity control in each compartment.  A lower humidity level is ideal in a freezer since you don’t want freezer burn to occur.  In the refrigerator, high humidity level is desired to keep produce fresh longer.


Some Samsung Refrigerators now  have Triple Cooling Performance - a cooling system provides precise temperature control in three zones, using two compressors and three evaporators, an industry first.  Now think about how implicated having multiple evaporators controlled by one or two compressors keeping unto four unique temperatures in four different compartments.  It does work and work well, but diagnosing cooling problems is much more complicated and requires a well  trained appliance repair person.  If your having issues with your Samsung refrigerator only use a Samsung authorized service center.  Authorized Appliance Repair Company has been a Samsung authorized service center for many years and would be happy to Service you Samsung Refrigerator. 

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