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We are proud to be an elite LG repair company.  If your washer is off balance or your refrigerator is warm, call a certified LG repair center.  A highly trained technician should perform all LG repairs.  Don’t trust just any company, call us for quality LG repair services.  Any LG repair can be completed by us on your household appliances.  For quality LG Repair, call Authorized Appliance Repair Company.  Do you need LG repair on your dishwasher, call our certified repair company. 

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Phoenix Based LG Washer Repair

Over a decade ago LG appliance revolutionized the U. S. appliance industry. With the introduction of their front load  high-efficiency  washing machine.  This machine was a technical marvel utilizing multiple computer control boards, water pressure sensor, water temperature sensor, rotation speed sensors, Drum positioning and speed sensors, out of balance sensors and a DC powered direct drive motor that  eliminated the need for transmission.  All this new technology created A dilemma for the LG washer repair technician.

The benefits for the consumer for this technology were   enormous, the cost savings alone in energy and water would pay for the washing machine in just a few short years.

This new technology produced a predicament for the average appliance repair technician. Most technicians  had worked on very mechanical washing machines. A traditional washing machine used an AC motor, driving a belt attached to a mechanical transmission driving the agitator and drum movement.  The timer although powered be electricity was a mechanical motor with different contact points either on or off advancing the cycles.  

LG-Washer motor

This new washing machine used a two piece motor that directly turned the internal drum, no transmission no agitators. Simple pressure switches and mechanical thermostats had been replaced by computer sensors(thermistors) that were no longer just simple on or off but returned a variable reading to computer boards.  So all their training and experience could not be applied to this new technology.

LG Appliance Service Solution 

LG appliance had the solution  for appliance repair. Establish a nationwide network of certified quality LG service Centers.  Factory trained technicians would perform all LG appliance repair.  LG washing machine parts would be only available through this network of LG service centers. Authorized appliance repair Company has been an LG certified Service center for Many years.. 

Not All Washers Were Created Equal


A washing machine combines dirty clothes with detergent and water. Through various steps called cycles, the machine moves the clothes up and down through soap and then clean water. Top-loading and front-loading washers both will give you clean clothes; the water and energy usage differs a lot between the two types.

Top-Loading Washers

A traditional top-load washing machine uses a tub nearly full of water in each of the steps of its cycles.  The tub can be up to 40 gals, and with a normal wash cycle (pre-wash, wash, rinse and spin) can use upwards of 100 gals of water per load.

Front-Loading LG Washers

Front-loading machines use gravity and between 10 and 24 gallons of water (depending on the washer size and cycle used) to wash a load of clothes. The tub of a front-loading machine is tilted sideways, instead of an agitator, the tub itself simply spins, and gravity  the work. Front-loading washers can get the same job done as top-loaders with far less water and detergent.



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