Factory Authorized Appliance Repair 

Having problems with your appliance?

It’s frustrating  to say the least. It’s happened to all of us - you spent time and money to pick out and purchase an appliance with the features and style you want only to have it go on the blink.

It's perfectly understandable that you're upset about what's happened.

Our staff will personally take care of this for you. What we are going to do is schedule one of our technicians to come to your house, find out exactly what’s wrong with your appliance, and fix the problem for you.  Sounds simple, right?  Just give us a call and let us resolve this trouble for you. Rest assured our repair staff are all very experienced, been through countless hours of training, and have your appliance manufacturer's backing.


Quality Appliance Repair Service You Can Count On

For quality repair on your appliances, call 623-780-1629 or for appliance repair in the Scottsdale, Cave Creek / Carefree, or East Valley areas,  480-323-6988. All of our technicians are “factory trained and authorized” and have a minimum of 10 years field experience. We are proud to say we are factory trained. What this means to you as a consumer, is an appliance repair technician has been trained by the manufacturer, and the manufacturer recommends us as an authorized appliance repair facility. If you have a Samsung refrigerator, it should be a relief that the company you have working on your electronic appliance has the most up to date repair information available.

Phoenix Appliance Repair Service Keeps Your Home Running Smoothly

Large household appliances have become an essential part of modern living, and so has the need for a professional Phoenix Appliance Repair Service. Finding a home that doesn't have a refrigerator is nearly impossible,  homes without microwaves are rare, and only small apartments tend to be missing a washer and dryer set. The fact that these appliances are so essential to our busy lifestyles,  Phoenix based Authorized Appliance Repair Company  offers assistance with  refrigerator repair, microwave repair, range repair, washer repair and dryer repair. 

You probably don’t even want to think about what would happen if your refrigerator suddenly decided to quit cooling. Or, what would you do if your washing machine flooded? Even worse,  your microwave began to give off sparks? Thankfully, A professional  Phoenix based Authorized Appliance Repair Service has the skill and experience to deal with refrigerator, washer/dryer, and microwave repair. All you need to do is make a call to us, and our trained office staff will be more than happy to assist you in making an appointment. 

Image: Samsung Kitchen and Laundry Room - If you are satisfied with your Samsung appliance repair, be sure to call the manufacturer to let them know.

You will be hard-pressed to find a household appliance that hasn’t experienced trouble at some point. Some minor problems, such as a blown light bulb, can be fixed easily by the homeowner. However, sometimes it is a major underlying problem that is indicated by these minor malfunctions. If it is not dealt with, your appliance could break down completely. Your appliances can be inspected by one of our appliance repair technicians. The professional will update you about their current condition, and how much longer they are likely to function. This can be useful to you in deciding whether to buy a replacement or have a current one repaired. If you decide you'd like to buy new, the experts at a Phoenix Appliance Repair Service can recommend the best appliances for your home, as well! 

It is good to be able to differentiate the appliance malfunctions that you can deal with yourself and those that would need the assistance of a Phoenix Appliance Repair Service. Here's a quick guide to some of the most common problems with washing machines, driers, microwaves, and refrigerators. Once you browse through this, you will know when you need microwave, refrigerator, or washer repair. 

Are you looking for someone to repair your major household appliances?

Here’s a few pointers on how to choose the right company:

Does This Company Have A Good Reputation?

A large amount of our work comes from personal REFERRAL.  If you are new to the area, your best source is going to be word of mouth.

What Company Has Your Friend/Neighbor Used in The Past?

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One of the best sources are the experiences of your friends and neighbors. Again a large amount of our work comes from referrals.

Does Your Neighborhood Have A Referral List?

Some HOAs have a referral list or an intra-net system where you can post an “intra-line” question or “chat” about experiences other people in your neighborhood have had with appliance repair companies.  Areas like Anthem, GreyHawk, and Desert Mountain have a great intra-net that is only accessible by people in those particular communities. This is also a good source for finding service providers that work in your particular area of the valley.

How Reliable is This Company?

Once more, word of mouth is a good sources. 

How Long Has This Company Been in Business?

On average, most small businesses fail within the first three years.  Find a company that has been providing in-home service for five years or better.  Find out what major companies they are certified to work for (for example  Samsung, LG, Frigidaire, etc.).  Call these major companies / manufacturers and ask how their record stands as far as customer satisfaction.

Warranty Appliance Repair

If you are under factory warranty (usually one year) you should call the manufacturer (for example  GE, Samsung, LG, Fisher & Paykel) to make sure that the company is recommended to provide warranty repairs on your appliance.  Or, call the company directly and ask if they provide warranty service on your LG washer or your Frigidaire oven.

Out of Warranty Appliance Repair

What if my appliance is Out of Warranty?

If your are out of warranty, you should call to verify if there are TRAINED technicians on your particular brand.  Many companies project a false image and say their technicians are trained on a specific brand, Samsung for example.  Is your technician trained by Samsung directly?  Do they have a history with Samsung?  Maybe you are looking for a Kenmore repair?  Perhaps there is a technician who was trained by Sears on Kenmore products that no longer works for Sears.  That technician was still trained by Sears to work on Kenmore products.

Washer Repair 

Having trouble with your washer?

 For quality Manufacture, approved appliance repair call 623-780-1629. or 480-323-6988.  All technicians working on your washer or dryer  are “factory trained ” and have a minimum of 10 years field experience. …

Dryer Repair

Is your dryer giving you problems?

For a maintenance check or a dryer repair, call us to schedule an appointment.  Before calling for, a dryer repair, make sure your dryer vent is clean.  If the drum on your dryer quit tumbling, call 623-780-1629 for a dryer repair specialist.  …

Dishwasher Repair

Asko Dishwasher
Is your dishwasher broken?

Its irritating at best isn’t it?

Don’t worry anymore about it, will take care of that for you, We will get you on our schedule at the as fast as we can and get this taken care of for you. …

Refrigerator Repair

Samsung-refrigirator-authorized-appliance-repair  Don't let another company go there, just call Authorized Appliance Repair to fix your Samsung refrigerator repair
Did your refrigerator stop working?

If you need emergency service on your LG refrigerator, call us to complete your refrigerator repair.  For your refrigerator repair needs, call us—your certified appliance repair company.  …

Oven Repair | Range Repair | Stove Repair


Range Repair

Our technicians are trained on both gas or electric range repair.  We are authorized to perform range repair on standard, slide in or glasstops.  If your oven temperature is either too hot or too cold, call Authorized Appliance for your range repair.  …

 Do You Need Factory Certified Service?

Do You Need Factory Certified Service?

You Bet you do!  It’s the most important factor in deciding who should work on your appliances.  You're probably asking why.  

Today’s modern appliances are a marvel.  …


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