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Is your dishwasher broken?

Its irritating at best isn’t it?

Don’t worry anymore about it, will take care of that for you, We will get you on our schedule at the as fast as we can and get this taken care of for you. Just give us a call and will solve this for you.

Anytime you need a dishwasher repair, be sure to call a factory-trained technician.  It doesn’t matter if you need a dishwasher repair on your Frigidaire dishwasher or your Samsung dishwasher because our highly qualified technicians have the knowledge on all major brands.  Stop doing dishes by hand!  Call Authorized Appliance Repair Co., LLC for your dishwasher repair.  If you have an energy star dishwasher, repair can be avoided if you use the correct amount of soap.  For quality dishwasher repair, trust Authorized Appliance Repair Company.  We are a certified Fisher and Paykel dishwasher repair company.  If you need dishwasher repair on your dishwasher drawers, call 623-780-1629 to schedule your repair.

If you have an energy star dishwasher, repair can be avoided if you use the correct amount of soap.  Many people believe that the soap dish should be filled completely to the top.  This is untrue.  Energy star dishwashers use less water than the old conventional dishwashers.  The manufacturers, however, did not change the design of the product to have smaller dispensers.  Also, most soap nowadays is more concentrated and it takes less to run an entire load of dishes.  

One of the first signs your dishwasher shows it may need dishwasher repair is a white film first seen on glasses and silverware.  Many people believe it is calcium or hard water build up and this is not necessarily true.  The easiest thing to try before calling for appliance repair is to clean your dishwasher with citric acid.  Citric acid neutralizes soap and is also cleans the build up from inside your dishwasher as well as the drain lines and your disposal.  This does not mean a dishwasher repair may not still be needed—it is just a simple maintenance you can perform on your own to keep your dishwasher functioning to its optimum level.

Fisher Paykel Dishwasher Repair | Fisher Paykel Appliance Repair

Fisher & Paykel have been leading the world in appliance innovations since the early 1980s. Products like the DishDrawer™ Dishwasher and the …

Asko Dishwasher Repair | Asko Appliance Repair


We are delighted  to be an authorized Asko repair company. ASKO products have been marketed throughout North America by ASKO Appliances, Inc. …

Searching for major household appliances Repair?

What do you think of when searching for authorized appliance repair companies?  What does authorized appliance repair mean to you?  Maybe you have no idea of what authorized appliance repair means.  What is means is that our technicians and service repair personnel are trained by the factories directly and approved by the manufacturer of your specific appliance to repair your appliance, anytime, anywhere, on any model, using factory approved and authorized appliance repair methods.  Authorized appliance repairs are what you need when your dishwasher floods, or your refrigerator is warm, or your oven is cold.  What you need is a factory certified and approved authorized appliance repair facility on your specific brand of appliance.  Our repairs include but are not limited to  brands like Sub Zero, Fisher and Paykel, LG, Samsung, U-Line, Marvel, Wolf, GE, Frigidaire, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Kenmore, or any other brand you may own.  We fix not just refrigerators, but dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, microwaves, ice-makers, wine coolers, or any other major household appliance.  Why settle for anything less than an authorized appliance repair company? 
We provide affordable repairs that meet factory specifications.  If you go with an alternate company, you may be at risk.  Often people portray themselves as authorized appliance repair facilities, and this is not always true.  We want to stress to our customers that we are authorized by the manufacturer themselves.  If you own a Sub Zero, don’t you want to ensure that you are receiving a quality repair that is backed by Sub Zero themselves?  Don’t you want a technician with adequate training on your Sub Zero?  Don’t you want factory parts and not an aftermarket version?  That is what we provide.  We are an affordable repair service with years of experience.  We provide honest repairs on all appliances, even the luxury brands.  Honest repair means we will tell you exactly what is wrong with your appliance.  We provide honest and accurate estimates to get your sick appliance working at top notch
We also provide maintenance checks on appliances.  This is very important if you have a built in product.  Many people are unaware that built in appliances such as Sub-Zero, Viking, Monogram, etc. are recommended by the manufacturer to have service annually.  This would be similar to having your oil changed in your car, or going to the doctor for a physical.  We can’t guarantee you won’t have any future problems, but we can clean your condenser to prevent your compressor from overheating.  We can lube your door seals to prevent cracking and inefficiency as it ages.  We can check the amp draws on your compressors and warn you of any potential problem that could cause you to lose food down the line.  We can make sure your fans are all running, and the air is circulating appropriately.  If you have any questions or problems you may have noticed, we will answer your questions.  Our maintenance checks again are affordably priced so you can get the most out of your appliances.

So, if your washing machine is dancing, your dishwasher is leaking, or your oven is not to temperature, be sure to call Authorized Appliance Repair Company to take care of all your appliance needs. 

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