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Is your dryer giving you problems?

For a maintenance check or a dryer repair, call us to schedule an appointment.  Before calling for, a dryer repair, make sure your dryer vent is clean.  If the drum on your dryer quit tumbling, call 623-780-1629 for a dryer repair specialist.  We are trained on Electrolux, Samsung, and LG dryer repair.  Call Authorized Appliance, your number one dryer repair company.  We are qualified to perform dryer repair on gas and electric models.  To prevent costly dryer repair, have your vents cleaned annually.


SENSOR DRY SYSTEM - Sensor Dry system measures the moisture and humidity levels during the cycle and automatically adjusts the drying time, to ensure you get dry laundry every time. Again this is not your traditional dryer thermostat, these are computer sensors that communicate to the clothes dryers control board about moisture levels.  This allows the clothes dryer to be much more accurate on knowing when to turn the dryer off, saving energy.  This trouble shooting and repairing high tech appliance like the LG dryer line requires special training.

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 Authorized Appliance Repair Co is  an Elite certified quality LG service Centers

Phoenix Based LG Dryer Repair

Many appliance repair technicians would tell you that a clothes dryer is just a clothes dryer.  That there is not a lot of difference between them.  …

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